The Differences between Gold Flakes and Nuggets

Whether you’re planning to invest in gold sold by others, or trying your hand at amateur gold prospecting, it’s important to understand the differences between various forms of gold to assess value.

Gold, like other metals in nature, can be dust, small- to medium-sized grains, flakes, nuggets or veins. Gold flakes are thin, lightweight fragments or chips that fell away from larger pieces. Gold nuggets are rough or weathered lumpy, stone-like pieces in varying sizes and shapes that broke away from veins.

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States Where You Can Find the Most Gold

Every day on television, like that from, we see advertisements to invest in gold, buy gold, sell gold, and to get gold for a reasonable value. They always talk of a great investment, and with recent commodity prices valuing gold at or above 1,400 an ounce, it’s not hard to see why. However, there are at least three states in the United States where gold can be found, mined, and sold, and is readily available.


The states once considered “Seward’s Folly” in 1867 is now a large producer of gold, averaging a total of 40 million troy ounces of gold from 1880 to at least 2007. Gold mining started in Alaska in 1870, and continued through the famous gold rush in the Klondike region of Canada, which borders the state. With its plentiful natural and mineral resources, as well as many recent television shows featuring mining on land and offshore, Alaska continues to enchant and mistify people, drawing many people looking to strike it rich.


Since the days of the famous “Pike’s Peak or Bust” in the 1880′s, Colorado continues to be a producer of gold on an annual basis. In 2006 alone, 283 thousand troy ounces of gold were produced by the state. Colorado also continues to boast numerous gold mines, along with its natural resources, which brings many new people to the area, and contributing to the massive growth of population there in the last ten years alone.


The largest producer of gold is…Nevada. Producing nearly 80 of the country’s gold supply, Nevada used to be known for its silver mining, as far back as the 19th Century. Now, with Las Vegas, Reno, and the Tahoe areas, Nevada now controls much of the active gold mining operations in the country as a whole. Looking to get a job in gold mining? Come to Nevada, and hopefully, you will strike it rich!

These three states show that gold mining is still viable, and still making fortunes today. As they used to say, “Go West, Young Man – Go West!”

91 Year Old John Schnabel Returns to Smith Creek

Gold Rush is a popular television show broadcasting on the Discovery Channel. You will find each episode packed with suspense as members of the cast go to work panning for gold. The episode where 91 year-old John Schnabel returns to Smith Creek is a memorable one. Parker Schnabel is 17 years old, and has worked with his grandfather at his gold mine for years. America loves reality shows and this one is no different. Many people dream of finding gold and Continue Reading »

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M-SHA Age Requirement to Work Gold Claims

With the widely popular gold mining shows making a rise in the United States, more and more people are considering a job at one of the many gold claims located across the country. Gold mining jobs are not for the faint of heart and the decision to find employment in this field shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The minimum age requirement for working on a gold claim is eighteen. This age requirement is followed by every Continue Reading »

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Unforeseen Dangers of Working Melted Permafrost Top Soil

The unforeseen dangers of working melted permafrost top soil make for a hazardous working environment, knowing more about the conditions and risks of such an undertaking would be to the advantage of any worker who might find themselves in such an environment. The equipment needed to work with such soil can pose a risk, as can the soil itself. With so many potential dangers involved with such a job, learning more about them would be of paramount importance.

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M-SHA Shuts Down Porcupine Creek Placer Works

Gold Rush Alaska fans will be surprised to learn that M-SHA shut down production at porcupine creek because workers at the mine did not meet federal training requirements required by M-SHA. The fines levied against the Schnabel crew came shortly after the Big Nugget mine was also cited for violations by M-SHA. All in all, the fines for both camps were minor in nature and were easily and quickly corrected though both camps paid some hefty fines to M-SHA.

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17 Year Old Parker Schnabel Running Big Nugget Mine

If you’ve ever wondered about how gold is mined, you’ll be able to see exactly how it’s done by watching Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel. There are several different groups of men who are trying to strike it rich and then there is parker Schnable the 17 year old who is following in his grandfathers footsteps to strike it rich.

You’ll be able to see each step that they take to try and find gold. You’ll see the good and the bad and the ups and the Continue Reading »

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Hoffman Crew Having Some Success at Cut 2

There are many great hobbies out there to choose from. Everybody has their own outlook on what hobbies are for them and what hobbies are not. Most people will probably agree that gold digging is an excellent hobby, at least anybody who likes money.

This hobby is a great one to start with. There are many fun perks of choosing this hobby. One of them is getting to travel. When digging for gold, you will have to look in specific places. It is Continue Reading »

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Dakota Fred Hits Bedrock At Porcupine Creek

If you follow the hit show Gold Rush, then you know that Dakota Fred is mining for gold in Alaska with his son. After leaving his flooded home, he is in his second season of the show doing his best to find gold with his mining technique. As he finally hits bedrock at Porcupine Creek, this will increase his chances of finding gold in greater amounts and possible nuggets of larger sizes.

If you have an interest in gold mining, this is the television series that you don’t want to miss; you’ll be able to see all of the ins Continue Reading »

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